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Man's Search For Meaning Book Summary

Book Summary

By Viktor Frankl

15 min
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Viktor Frankl’s story of tragedy and horror in Nazi concentration camps is the backdrop for an exploration of logotherapy, or the idea that man is motivated by the search for meaning. In his exploration of his life and his therapeutic principles, Frankl explains the ways meaning can be found in life, the crises that can occur from a lack of meaning, and the value of tragic optimism. He insists that our attitude can alter the way we view the world, no matter our circumstances. 

About the Author

Viktor Frankl was a Jewish psychologist from Vienna. He survived four concentration camps and went on to publish more than thirty books on clinical psychology and psychotherapy. He is the founder of logotherapy.
book summary - Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Man's Search For Meaning

Book Summary

15 min
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