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Barking Up the Wrong Tree Book Summary

Book Summary

By Eric Barker

15 min
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Success is highly individual. To become successful, individuals should understand how their passions and strengths align with their goals, and not be afraid of failure, which is an important step to achieving this understanding. Realistic plans and hard work are more important to success than luck, timing, or even academic success. Achieving success requires innovation, risk-taking, long-term planning, and a strong social network. An optimistic internal narrative can also help individuals develop a framework to help them achieve their goals. Individuals who achieve success should be careful to avoid the trap of overconfidence, and remain self-aware, yet compassionate, in order to continue to grow and improve.

About the Author

Eric Barker is a blogger and creator of the popular science blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree. He is the author of The Wall Street Journal’s best-selling book of the same name. His work has previously been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Wired Magazine, and Business Insider. He holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from Boston College, and a Master of Fine Arts from UCLA.
book summary - Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Book Summary

15 min
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