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"Though the number of books is lesser than ***** I found the summaries better than Blinkist. Especially the Audio narration seemed more human to me compared to *****."

"As someone who's been a paid yearly subscriber for 20+ years to Executive Book Summaries, I found the lifetime deal hard to resist. In reading a few of their summaries, I thought they capture the book's essence, theme, and highlights pretty well. The language is easy, and straightforward to read and understand. I'm really looking forward to their video summaries, and how they work. Overall, happy with purchase."

"This is a great opportunity to become wiser and to learn more. I'm learning a ton about different subjects such as business, self development, history, health and nutrition, etc. I have become much more positive about life too. The self help book summaries really help give you confidence and a positive attitude. I like the fact that you can choose between text, audio, and video versions. The video summaries are amazing! They are entertaining and will teach you a lot in a very short period of time. This is the best deal I've ever paid for!!!"

"I have a time intensive job, and it's hard to find time to read sometimes. Sumizeit makes learning easy. In just 10-15 minutes, I am able to get a good understanding of important business and nonfiction books. Sumizeit gets down to the points in a concise manner, just like spark notes growing up. I love walking away with new information and insights with only ~15 minutes spent. It’s definitely worth the price. Will you be launching in other countries soon?"

This deal was worth it. I love the content! They have all kinds of content. You can learn all sorts of things on the Sumizeit platform. It's amazing. I like that you can learn from multiple categories such as Psychology, Business, Health and Nutrition, and Self Development. The book summaries are well written. They are the right length. I am constantly learning new skills and evolving. The content is very comprehensive, concise, and fun to read. In summary, Sumizeit is an amazing and fun app to use.

I read about sumizeit on Mashable and was so happy to find this great pricing deal on appsumo. The app has a deep library of all the possible books you ever wanted to read about. The summary length is ideal at just 10 to 12 minutes. But you really feel like you get all the important points the author wants to make in a fraction of the time.

I also love the feature of adding multiple audio summaries in a play list. So when driving to the office or going for a run, I can listen to a few books without having to interact with the app. I think it is also the only app that shows you video summaries of the books. Absolutely amazing.

Sumizeit adds about 20 books a week, so it never gets boring. There is new content all the time. A huge thumps of to the team behind sumizeit. There are so many cool categories like Career & Success, Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Sales, Self Development, Politics, Parenting, and many more.

The only thing I wish they would improve is the loading time of the home page in the app. Sometimes when on LTE it takes a few seconds too long.

"Ah what an app. Highly recommend SumizeIt Book Summaries. Best of all I have experienced in market. iOS app is rock solid and performs each time. Plus their service and support is incredible. Also they have frequent newsletter with a surprising book summary suggested to listen too. Love it. Can be turned off if someone would not like it. SumizeIt Book Summary app team, great job and well done. Thanks for your efforts."

" Good, short summaries of books. There are quick a few companies offering this service and they are all about the same. It's a time efficient way to chose your next read."