Why followers don't trust leaders?

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LEADERS. Your followers don’t trust you… here are the six reasons why.

According to the respected website, hrnews.co.uk, 95% of leaders believe they are trusted by their followers… however, it seems only 16% of them truly are!

What are leaders doing so wrong?

For a start, they obviously do not realize there’s a problem (the ‘trust perception’ gap described above borders on the delusional)! And it’s very easy to blame followers who are sullen, stubborn, unproductive, and disloyal.

However, this course helps leaders understand how much THEIR behavior contributes to the negativity in their followers… and then helps them turn things around.

Many problems between leaders and followers are SYMPTOMS. Solve the underlying problems and the symptoms disappear. This course addresses those underlying issues.

Using six areas of leadership – each of which begins with the letter ‘C’, behavioral psychologist Andy Edwards identifies EXACTLY what a leader needs to do to create trusting, loyal, hardworking, and productive followers…

Followers who choose to follow YOU as their leader!

Created by Andy Edwards

Why followers don't trust leaders?

9 lessons
4.79 (675 reviews)
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An introduction and course overview
The problem we need to address
The first of the six ‘C’s: COMPETENCE
Our second ‘C’ is CONSISTENCY
COMPLETION is the third ‘C’
The next ‘C’ is CONFIDENCE
‘C’ number five is CAMARADERIE
The final ‘C’ is about COMMITMENT

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About the author

Andy Edwards is a motivational speaker, leadership trainer, and coach with 25 years’ experience. He is respected internationally for his presentations and workshops about relationships and behavioral psychology – and has spoken to audiences of up to 6,000 people.

As an author he wrote the bestselling introduction to psychometrics: “Why Can’t People Be More Like Me?!” and the critically acclaimed: “LEADERSH*T – what your followers really think of your leadership – and how to change their minds”.

He also created the ‘’Relationomics” approach to business – which leverages relationships as the main currency of commerce and founded the ‘YOO’ personal development methodology in the UK.