Presenting With Confidence

18 lessons
4.60 (130 reviews)

Aimed at those who give talks or speeches to small, medium to larger audiences, our award-winning professional speaker of some 20 years (David Hyner) shares the knowledge of the great platform speakers in short easy to understand videos that give you the skills, confidence, and ability to make a bigger ... and lasting impact.

When you use this training you will understand how to;:
- Prevent presentation nerves
- Structure content easily
- Deliver with few or no written notes
- Storytelling
- Use of Humour
- Handling hecklers
- Body language
- Gesture
… and much more besides

Great for speakers, teachers, lecturers, trainers, and anyone who speaks for a living who needs a few top tips to take their delivery to the next level.
Includes great bonus resources to ensure depth of learning and ongoing development.

Created by David Hyner

Presenting With Confidence

18 lessons
4.60 (130 reviews)
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What to Say
The Voice
Nerves and Stress
Pause and Remembering Lines
Visual Aids
Props and Metaphors
Ego and Evaluation
Using Humour
Speaking Internationally
Review and Thanks

About the author

David is a unique motivational speaker and facilitator on goal-setting and purpose. He brings a sense of humour and authenticity to a subject he has been researching over the last 23 years.

He’s carried out 250+ interviews with top achievers and takes inspiration from this research to see how this learning, behaviour, and wisdom can be applied to get better results for people and for businesses.

Amongst the many golden nuggets and gems of thoughts and behaviours that make people successful, he discovered "how" they set and achieve MASSIVE GOALS. David writes speaks and broadcasts his research findings. Having authored (and co-authored or guest authored in) many bestselling books, audios, and videos on subjects ranging from business leadership through to teacher training, goal setting, stress prevention... and more,

A FUN, challenging, and inter-active delivery with a bullish nature with a huge sprinkling of his infectious humour that engages, educates, and entertains his audiences the world over. David has presented to over 1 MILLION people (and counting) during his illustrated speaking years.

Other accomplishments include:
Former BBC Radio show host.
Multiple Amazon subject no1 Author.
Raised in excess of 3/4 MILLION pounds, breaking 4 charity fundraising records in the process.
Creator of 5 video training courses, one of which was in the top 100 most downloaded courses online.
Founding Director of a publishing business with over 100 Kindle books on Amazon.
10yr service award – VISTAGE International (chief exec network).
FLPI – Fellow of the Learning & Performance Institute.
FPSA – Fellow of the professional speaking association.
PSAE – Professional Speaking Award of Excellence.