Marketing Communication

11 lessons
4.90 (100 reviews)

This course will cover a very important "P" of marketing and that is "Promotion". Many interesting topics are covered in this course, started from understanding what communication is followed by the components of communication. Then, the main topic of the course which is "Integrated Marketing Communication" is explained in much detail covering topics like promotion mix and all the ingredients (tools) of the promotion mix.

Created by Dr. Muhammad Tahir Jan

Marketing Communication

11 lessons
4.90 (100 reviews)
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Definition of Communication
Components of Communication
Def of IMC
Goals of IMC
Promotion Mix
Objectives of Advertising
Sales Promotion
Personal Selling
Public Relations
Direct and Digital Marketing

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About the author

Dr. Muhammad Tahir Jan has a PhD in Business Administration (Marketing) and is currently working as an Associate Professor of Marketing with over 15 Years experience. Prior to that, he did his MBA after being graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree and being declared as the best student of the year.

Dr. Jan is acknowledged for being resourceful, adaptable, and self-directed with the ability to handle a large number of students. His well-developed communication and presentation skills won him, teacher of the year award, many times. He is a highly motivated person with immense experience in teaching, training, and research. He has published articles in reputable journals and presented in conferences both locally and internationally. He has designed and taught various courses to the students of different levels, including; executive, postgraduate, and undergraduate.

Students consider him one of their favourite teachers, which is evident from his above 90% of students' ratings.