Make a Winning Resume

8 lessons
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If you are applying for a job or a competitive school, you want to have a good resume or CV. There is a lot of information online and you may get confused. Should you add a professional picture? Can your resume be longer than 1 page? Should you mention your address? And most importantly: how can you make sure your resume stands out? In this audio course, we help you build a winning resume or CV step by step. And all you have to do is listen. We’ve based this course on the best practices of writing hundreds of resumes and CVs for your professionals who got into top-tier companies and schools.

Throughout this course we’ll cover:
• The right resume type for your goal.
• Resume dos and don’ts.
• Bullet points, keywords and numbers.
• Education & work experience.
• Core competencies & skills.
• Resume versus robot.
• How to stand out and get the interview?

Created by Felix Peeters

Make a Winning Resume

8 lessons
4.80 (300 reviews)
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The True Purpose of a Resume
The Basic Elements of a Resume
Bullet Points, Keywords, & Numbers
Work Experience & Education
Core Competencies
Resume vs Robot
Increasing your Chances

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About the author

Felix Peeters graduated in International Management at the HEC Management School in Paris. During an exchange at the London School of Economics, he launched a small company to help young professionals land jobs at top-tier global firms. Today, Felix works as a Marketing Manager in London for one of the largest tech companies. His online courses on career development have helped over 5000 professionals with job interview preparation, resume optimization, and cover letter writing.