Dealing with Depression

7 lessons
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This audio course is designed for anyone who is dealing with depression or anyone who has a loved one who is dealing with depression. Depression is not just “in your head,” and healing is not simply a matter of “snapping out of it.” In this course, you’ll gain understanding about some of the normal processes of the brain and the neurological and chemical effects of depression which explain why it diminishes happiness, hope, and motivation. You’ll learn what is needed to overcome depression, and things we can do to help facilitate healing. Nothing in this course can be considered “medical advice,” since only a licensed healthcare professional is authorized to do that; however these lessons come from the unique perspective of someone who has been there and back again. Instructor Linda Bjork personally experienced depression for about five years, but experienced a joyful recovery using the techniques shared in this course.

Created by Linda Bjork

Dealing with Depression

7 lessons
4.90 (145 reviews)
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Depression Is Not Just "In Your Head"
A Glimmer of Hope
A Story of Healing
Taking Action
Hitting an Emotional Wall
It Begins with a Single Step

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About the author

Linda Bjork is the author of several self-help books including “You Got This! An action plan to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress;” “Crushed, a Journey Through Depression;” and others. She is also the founder and executive director of Hope for Healing, a non-profit charity which shares tools, information, resources, and a plan to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety; relieve stress; build confidence and self-esteem; and heal relationships. Her podcast, “Linda’s Corner,” and blog, “Two Good Things,” were created to inspire hope, increase joy, and motivate positive change. Linda’s personal mission is to empower people to become their best selves.