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You Are a Badass At Making Money Book Summary

Book Summary

By Jen Sincero

15 min
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Having a negative attitude toward money hinders your ability to become financially successful. When you think positive thoughts regarding your finances, the universe will hand you opportunities to help you build your wealth.

About the Author

Jen Sincero is an American writer and success coach. She was previously a marketing executive in the music industry in the 1990s. A New York times bestselling author, she has helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives through her books, products, speaking engagements, newsletters, and seminars. She has gotten significant press coverage on The Oprah Magazine, The Dr Oz Show, Fast Company, Bloomberg, and more
book summary - You Are a Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass At Making Money

Book Summary

15 min
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