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Words That Work Book Summary

Book Summary

By Frank Luntz

15 min
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To reach general audiences, it’s important to understand the American public. People prefer simple language, short sentences, and credibility from the speaker. Make sure you’re maintaining authenticity by acting on the things you claim. It is also important to stay consistent and repeat your most important points with discipline. Try to offer something new despite the repetition by repackaging the message in novel ways. Pay attention to the sound and texture of your words. You want to build up a strong image in the mind of the listener and speak aspirationally: how do they imagine a good experience? Trigger emotions and understanding. Finally, make sure to give context so the listener can understand how your message is relevant. 

About the Author

Frank Luntz is a political and communications consultant and pundit. He develops talking points for Republican causes. He frequently contributes to Fox News as a commentator and analyst and runs focus groups during and after presidential debates. He advocates for clearer word choice and has helped more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies grow. 
book summary - Words That Work by Frank Luntz

Words That Work

Book Summary

15 min
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