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Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before Book Summary

Book Summary

By Dr. Julie Smith

15 min
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Low mood — a common cause or symptom of many mental health problems such as anxiety or depression — can be due to things outside of our control (such as external events) or within it (such as our routine, body responses, and more). When we are aware of these causes, we can manage our responses and actions to avoid pitfalls and cycles of low mood and have better human experiences with our environment or relationship with others and with the self. 

Indeed, there is power in self-awareness about your brain, body, and environment as it can influence how you feel, but self-awareness is not enough. To really avoid falling into a cycle of low moods, anxiety, or fear, you have to take action and address the cause itself. This can be harmful thought patterns or unmet needs. Various situations will call for different kinds of solutions, but Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before will sufficiently guide you to use the most flexible and basic skills and tools that are applicable in most situations.

However, healthy behaviors are not formed overnight. When you catch yourself in a rut and think of what can relieve you, you have to choose what is efficient and healthy for your well-being. This way, you do not feed your anxiety or fear, and even when you are unsuccessful or if the tools or skills are ineffective, you can feel reassured that you tried and that you can try again. What’s important is you to choose to improve yourself in each opportunity and you face your fears while they are still small or at a manageable size. As you practice using these tools and trying these skills, you will become more brave and confident about experiencing new moments and using them through the good times and bad.

About the Author

Dr. Julie Smith has been a clinical psychologist for more than ten years. As a chartered clinical psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Psychology Society (BPS), she has provided professional help to various client and media outlets such as BBC films, CBBC, Good Morning Britain, CNN International, and more. Apart from that, she was the first professional to use TikTok as an educational platform for mental health and therapy. She is also active on other social media networks such as Instagram and Youtube. With the creation of her self-help videos, clinical psychology has become more accessible and understandable not just to her global followers of over 3 million, but to other people as well.
book summary - Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before by Dr. Julie Smith

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before

Book Summary

15 min
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