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Unstoppable Teams

Book Summary

By Alden Mills

15 min
4.85 (5343 ratings)
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Unstoppable teams are created when groups of individuals come together with a diverse and complementary skill set that makes the group stronger than the individual. An environment that fosters mutual respect, commitment, and caring will cultivate unstoppable team members. Team members who are committed to each other and to achieving a common goal will achieve far more together than they would otherwise.

About the Author

Alden Mills is an author, entrepreneur, and public speaker. He is a nationally recognized rower and three-time former Navy SEAL platoon commander. Previously, Mills was the co-founder and CEO of Perfect Fitness. He holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School.
book summary - Unstoppable Teams by Alden Mills

Unstoppable Teams

Book Summary

15 min
4.85 (5343 ratings)
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