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Uncanny Valley Book Summary

Book Summary

By Anna Wiener

15 min
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Anna Weiner leaves publishing’s poor economic prospects for the gold rush of Silicon Valley but soon finds their dream to be near-sighted. In all the start-ups she works for she experiences sexism, harassment, and sees the surveillance and toxic internet behavior enabled by their practices. As her salary climbs, she feels troubled that she makes so much for doing something that requires little skill and produces no tangible products. Ultimately, she decides that benefits aren’t worth sacrificing her dream of meaningful work dealing with the real world.

About the Author

Anna Weiner writer for the New Yorker and covers things like startup culture, technology, and Silicon Valley . She also writes for publications like the New Republic, n+1, and The Atlantic. She grew up in Brooklyn and worked for Silicon Valley start-ups for several years. She currently lives in San Francisco. 
book summary - Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener

Uncanny Valley

Book Summary

15 min
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