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Too Much and Never Enough Book Summary

Book Summary

By Mary L. Trump Ph.D

15 min
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The Trump family was wealthy and privileged, but they were also very dysfunctional. Donald Trump’s mother was absent, and his father was controlling and authoritative. He wanted his children to fulfill his expectations, and when his eldest son, Freddy, failed to live up to his high demands, he turned his attention to Donald, whom he openly favored over Freddy. Fred Sr. encouraged Donald’s bullying, egoism, and greed, and Donald was always seeking his father’s approval. This has shaped him into the person he is as an adult and as a president. 

About the Author

Mary Trump is a clinical psychologist, businesswoman, and bestselling author. She is the founder and CEO of The Trump Coaching Group.

She holds a English Literature from Tufts University, and a master's degree in English Literature from Columbia University. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies at Adelphi University. 

Trump lives on Long Island, New York, with her daughter.
book summary - Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L. Trump Ph.D

Too Much and Never Enough

Book Summary

15 min
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