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The Whole Brain Child

Book Summary

By Dr. Dan Siegel

15 min
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While our brains are the most complex organ we have, we can use our biology to our advantage, especially when it comes to parenting. By applying tested strategies (such as name it to tame it and connect and redirect) to our children’s behaviors, we can begin to see our children--and their brains--through a wider lens.

No longer are temper tantrums simply signs of an overtired kid. They are actually indicative of the brain’s primitive functionality and speak to a child’s lack of rational cognitive development.

No longer are children (and adults) right-brained or left-brained. Instead, in The Whole Brain Child, Dr. Dan Siegel demonstrates exactly how it is possible to place equal value on both hemispheres. There are strengths and weaknesses associated with each.

In order to best raise our children, we must leverage both sides of the brain in our own lives, too.

About the Author

Dr. Dan Siegel was born in 1957. He is a trained clinical psychiatrist, author, and professor of psychiatry who teaches at the UCLA School of Medicine, where he is also the executive director of Mindsight Institute. After receiving his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and training in pediatrics as well as psychiatry, Dr. Siegel went on to study attachment, autobiographical memory, and emotions and behavior. Throughout his career, Dr. Siegel has published multiple articles, book chapters, and other texts. His most recent book, Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence, was released in 2018.
book summary - The Whole Brain Child by Dr. Dan Siegel

The Whole Brain Child

Book Summary

15 min
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