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The Latte Factor Book Summary

Book Summary

By David Bach, John David Mann

15 min


At any income level, small daily contributions can set you up for financial freedom in the long-run. Consider where you spend about 5 dollars a day, whether it be eating out or on a daily coffee, and think if you can automate this money out of your account and into a retirement account. Prepared for the long-term, you can still live like a rich person in the present by articulating what’s important to you now and paying yourself to be able to afford these passions. Make time to pursue your dreams by asking for this time, but don’t defer them for retirement.

About the Author

David Bach is an entrepreneur, financial author, motivational speaker, and founder of He is best known for his Automatic Millionaire series and has written 12 books since 1998. He has sold 7 million copies of his books and hosted two public television specials. He currently resides in New York City and Florence, Italy. 

John David Mann is the best-selling author of the Red Circle and The Go-Giver. He writes about business and leadership in partnership with authors around the world. His books are published in 25 languages and have sold more than 3 million copies. In high school, he created his own high school and was an award-winning composer before turning to a career in journalism. Later, he founded the journal Solstice and a multimillion-dollar sales organization employing over 100,000 people.
book summary - The Latte Factor by David Bach, John David Mann

The Latte Factor

Book Summary

15 min
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