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The Customer Loyalty Loop

Book Summary

By Noah Fleming

15 min


To create loyal customers, understand that every stage of a customer’s journey with your brand should be memorable and create a positive narrative around your company name. Understand exactly what should happen at each step. In the first stage, focus on sparking the customer’s imagination with mysterious and disruptive advertising and marketing. In the second stage, develop trust by training your salespeople to nurture the customer and by addressing their specific needs, interests, and fears. Make sure that there is as little resistance as possible between the buyer and the sale (whether it be making a seamless website or creating the right atmosphere in-store). Finally, after a purchase, follow up with clients and guarantee excellence from your product or service. 

About the Author

Noah Fleming is an author, speaker, strategic marketing expert, and president of Fleming Consulting & Company. Fleming had worked with billion-dollar companies, showing how to find relevant leverage points to create lasting positive change. He’s coached and consulted thousands of business owners and is an expert blogger for Fast Company. He’s the author of Evergreen: Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving and The Customer Loyalty Loop.
book summary - The Customer Loyalty Loop by Noah Fleming

The Customer Loyalty Loop

Book Summary

15 min
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