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The Customer-Driven Culture

Book Summary

By Travis Lowdermilk and Monty Hammontree

15 min
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Lowdermilk and Hammontree prove in their exploration of the 2013 Microsoft takeover that a customer-driven culture will boost profits, enhance workplace culture, and benefit both employees and consumers. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s three principles for changing culture (awareness, curiosity, and courage) along with six hacks to implement cultural shifts provide a framework for management to replicate Microsoft’s success. 

About the Author

Travis Lowdermilk is an author and user experience designer and researcher at Microsoft. 

Monty Hammontree is the director of user experience research for Microsoft’s development tools division. 
book summary - The Customer-Driven Culture by Travis Lowdermilk and Monty Hammontree

The Customer-Driven Culture

Book Summary

15 min
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