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The Art of Gathering Book Summary

Book Summary

By Priya Parker

15 min
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Gatherings can often feel lackluster, while also feeling like they have no true purpose. However, by breaking free from the standard routines and rituals of a typical gathering you can create an event that exceeds expectations.

Having a purpose, encouraging people to be their authentic self, and embracing your own authority, can all be ways to create the perfect gathering.

As a final note, Priya Parker also pointed out that hosts should remember that location matters too. And being creative with your location can also help to make any gathering special as well. By paying attention to location, hosts can also help focus the purpose of their gathering, bringing everything full circle.

About the Author

One of Priya Parker’s goals is to help us understand how anyone can take a collective meaning in modern life, one gathering at a time. She is great at handling tough situations, advising strategically, and has spent time working on improving race relations on American college campuses and peace processes in the Arab world, Southern Africa, and India. She is a founding member of the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network, a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Values Council and the New Models of Leadership Council, and an integral member at Mobius Executive Leadership. She graduated from MIT with a degree in organizational design, and then went on to Harvard Kennedy School to study public policy. She also studied political and social thought at the University of Virginia.

Her book, The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters, is one of Amazon’s Best Business Books of the year. She has given popular TedX talks, and has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR,,,, as well as several other renowned publications. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two children.
book summary - The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

The Art of Gathering

Book Summary

15 min
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