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The Alchemist Book Summary

Book Summary

By Paulo Coelho

15 min
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Our purpose in life is to fulfill our personal legends. When you surrender to your personal calling, you’re living the dream. When you do that, your destiny becomes your only obligation in life. You can move mountains for your personal calling. But surely, this journey will be full of pain and hurdles. If you decide to act on fear, you’ll end up nowhere. What’s important is that you rise from the ashes every time you fall. Courage is what picks you back up, and with each fall, comes a life lesson that makes you wiser. 

About the Author

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist who got into writing later in his life. He published his first book Hell Archives in 1982 and then the Practical Manual of Vampirism in 1986. He considered both of these works of bad quality and tried to take them off the shelves.

The following year he wrote his most famous book The Alchemist and it took off years later, selling millions of copies around the world. Today, this book has spent over 300 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and sold 65 million copies so far. The Alchemist also holds the title for the world’s most translated book by any author.
book summary - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

Book Summary

15 min
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