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The Airbnb Story Book Summary

Book Summary

By Leigh Gallagher

15 min
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Airbnb started out as a creative way for two poor designers to keep their expensive apartment, but it turned into a successful business adventure that has changed the hospitality industry forever. 

About the Author

Leigh Gallagher is a well-known speaker and business news commenter and the senior editor-at-large at Fortune. She serves as the host of Fortune Live. She is the co-chair of the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit and Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit. She manages Fortune’s 40 Under 40 multi-platform editorial franchises. She appears as a guest on several known shows such as MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relationships. From 2012-2014, she was a visiting scholar at the Business and Economic Reporting Program at the Arthur L Carter Journalism Institute at New York University.
book summary - The Airbnb Story by Leigh Gallagher

The Airbnb Story

Book Summary

15 min
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