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The Age of Agile Book Summary

Book Summary

By Stephen Denning

15 min


Agile management strategies come from contemporary military tactics. They focus on flexibility by creating networks of teams to take on small projects centered on transparency and collaboration. Though these strategies can be hard to conceptualize and implement for traditional managers, they often increase productivity and allow companies to make necessary changes in an uncertain world. The strongest companies are the most adaptable companies; agile management teaches teams how to be flexible and customer-focused in order to get the job done.

About the Author

Stephen Denning worked for decades in a management position at World Bank. He has consulted with governments and large organizations on their management strategies. He has written many books on business, as well as a novel and a volume of poetry. 
book summary - The Age of Agile by Stephen Denning

The Age of Agile

Book Summary

15 min
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