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Spare Book Summary

Book Summary

By Prince Harry

15 min
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A lot of people always questioned why or how Prince Harry could walk away from the Royal life. Of course, many couldn’t understand his motives given how grand the media has portrayed their lifestyle. However, life as a royal isn’t always glitz and glamour. There are numerous ceremonies, protocols, and hardships that come with it. Additionally, there may be some family struggles many of us don’t understand. Being part of the Royal Family means that one must always be responsible, aware of themselves, and open to public scrutiny. This may not be for everyone. And Prince Harry eventually realized that this life was also not for him or his new family.

Indeed there is a certain sense of self-empowerment when someone finally gets to tell their story and show the world who they really are. Even Princess Diana decided to air her experiences to the public through television. However, a book provides a much more personal and in-depth look into one’s experiences. In the book, Spare, Prince Harry shares his side of the story and re-introduces himself to the public. In this book, he lays down his struggles as a Royal, the challenges he had to face, and explains what ultimately made him walk away from the Royal life.

About the Author

Prince Harry is a member of the British Royal family and was previously known as the Duke of Sussex. He also had served the British Army in Iraq and other jurisdictions and attained the rank of Captain. He is also an active member and patron of several charitable organizations which revolve around wildlife conservation, helping children, aiding the impoverished, and honoring war veterans. He is also a proud father of two and is husband to Meghan Markle. Together, they run Archewell—a non-profit organization.
book summary - Spare by Prince Harry


Book Summary

15 min
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