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Never Lose a Customer Again

Book Summary

By Joey Coleman

15 min
4.46 (3375 ratings)


Never Lose a Customer Again focuses on customer retention and the reasons why businesses often lose such a high percentage of their customers after acquisition. Coleman shares anecdotes about his own experience as a customer to educate readers on customer experience and why loyal customers matter. He talks about the three phases of the customer experience journey and shares the key tips to transform customers into life-long advocates for your business. 

About the Author

Joey Coleman is a world-renowned speaker and business consultant with a focus on customer retention. He provides workshops and seminars for Fortune 500 companies. Never Lose a Customer Again is his first book. 
book summary - Never Lose a Customer Again  by Joey Coleman

Never Lose a Customer Again

Book Summary

15 min
4.46 (3375 ratings)
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