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The Man Who Solved the Market Book Summary

Book Summary

By Gregory Zuckerman

15 min


Simons began as a talented mathematician at a young age. He then worked to break codes before founding his hedge fund management firm, Renaissance Technologies. Simons changed the way global finance works. And with his successes came profit, much of which he donated to charity. 

About the Author

Gregory Zuckerman is a writer for the Wall Street Journal as well as a non fiction book author. He graduated from Brandeis, Magna Cum Laude in 1988. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and 2 sons and works at the New York City bureau of the Wall Street Journal.

He previously worked as a managing editor of Mergers & Acquisitions Report, a newsletter published by Investment Dealers’ Digest. He then worked for the New York Post covering media companies. In 1996, he moved on to work for The Wall Street journal as a financial reporter. He now focuses on financial trades, hedge funds, private equity firms, energy revolution, and other investing and business topics.
book summary - The Man Who Solved the Market by Gregory Zuckerman

The Man Who Solved the Market

Book Summary

15 min
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