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Love Does Book Summary

Book Summary

By Bob Goff

15 min


Goff’s perspective on life and faith demands that you take an active role in all that you do. Rather than expecting God to come to your rescue, you have to pursue what you want. Allowing yourself to try for big things and forgiving failures is important. If you live by making your decisions based on what love does, you can bring great things to your life.

About the Author

Bob Goff is an attorney and legal advocate. He founded Restore International for work in Uganda, Afghanistan, India, and other countries. Restore International is now called Love Does. The focus of his organization is to promote education and human rights in conflict zones. Goff also co-founded a law firm, worked as an adjunct professor, and traveled as a motivational speaker. Love Does was his first book.

Love is an action, not a state of being, and it is the key to living a bold, incredible, and awesome life.
book summary - Love Does by Bob Goff

Love Does

Book Summary

15 min
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