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Lean UX Book Summary

Book Summary

By Jeff Gothelf

15 min


Today startups need to adapt to continually changing environments. Continuously iterating is essential to keep ahead of the curve. To do that it’s important to experiment constantly, but only to do so with the confirmation of your customer feedback.

Determine your hypothesis - designs that you believe will lead to the desired outcome - as a team. Develop ”proto personas“ for your customers to learn more about them. Prioritize your hypotheses and features and assumptions you want to test according to how your personas achieve their goals through using that feature. Create MVPs to test hypotheses. Discard designs that customers reject.

About the Author

Jeff Gothelf is good at advising companies in building better products. He was once a software designer. He now works as a coach, consultant, and speaker advising companies on close the chasm between business agility, digital transformation, product management, and human-centered design. He is the co-creator of Sense & Response Press, a publishing house for business books. He is the author of Forever Employable to be published in May of 2020.
book summary - Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf

Lean UX

Book Summary

15 min
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