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Leadership by Algorithm Book Summary

Book Summary

By David De Cremer

15 min


AI or artificial intelligence is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to automate many daily tasks. However, it does not have a consciousness, and therefore is unable to correct for biases or use moral judgment. Therefore, while many management positions, which involve repetitive tasks and pattern-based decision-making, will likely be taken over by AI in the future, algorithms cannot replace leaders. Good leaders demonstrate empathy, creativity, strong critical thinking skills, high-level decision-making, and good moral judgment, all of which AI cannot do. Therefore, while leaders will need to cultivate a new skill set to effectively utilize AI in their organizations, AI is unlikely to replace true leaders.

About the Author

David De Cremer is a professor and Provost Chair at the National University of Singapore Business School. He also serves as the director and founder of the Centre on AI Technology for Humankind at NUS Business School. He is an advisor for Novartis International AG in Basel, Switzerland, and is a founder of the Leading Artificial Intelligence & Digital Management platform. Previously, he was the KPMG endowed professor at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. 

De Cremer was named the 2009-2010 most influential economist in the Netherlands. He was named a Global Thought Leader by the Trust Across America – Trust Around the World organization in 2016, and one of the World’s top 30 Management Gurus and Speakers in 2020.
book summary - Leadership by Algorithm by David De Cremer

Leadership by Algorithm

Book Summary

15 min
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