Hardwiring Happiness

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By Rick Hanson

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In prehistoric times, negative bias helped humans survive. Today, it gets in the way of our happiness. We can rewire our brain’s negative bias to positive bias by practicing some techniques. Hardwiring Happiness lays out simple techniques that you can use to build new neural structures full of happiness, love, confidence, and peace.

About the Author

Rick Hanson is a New York Times bestselling author. He has written and given speeches about the essential inner skills of personal wellbeing, psychological growth, and contemplative practices, relationships, family life, and raising children. He graduated summa cum laude from UCLA in 1974. He founded a successful seminar company, worked for a mathematician on probabilistic risk analyses, and did management consulting. He received a Ph.D in clinical psychology from Wright Institute in 1991. His dissertation was titled: “Gratifying control: Mothers offering alternatives to toddlers.”
book summary - Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson

Hardwiring Happiness

Book Summary

10 min
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