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Hacking Growth Book Summary

Book Summary

By Sean Ellis

15 min


Hacking Growth provides unique insights on how to move a company from a mediocre performance level to the next level. The approach taken by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown is simple and practical--it motivates a company to move from sluggish growth to double-digit growth rates. The authors present an easy step-by-step guide that explains how a company such as Uber grew exponentially from a scrappy startup to its current height. This book appeals to budding entrepreneurs as well as seasoned CEOs wishing to understand the methodology that produces extraordinary growth. Hacking Growth is rich in marketing and startup information and is one of the most important books for anyone starting a business.

About the Author

Sean Ellis is a keynote speaker who helps companies unlock their growth potential. Additionally, he is a renowned growth coach and author credited with coining the term “growth hacker.” Ellis was pivotal in helping firms such as Dropbox and Eventbrite experience breakout growth. Ellis is the former CEO and founder of Qualaroo and the current CEO of Growth Hackers. He is an active investor, entrepreneur, and advisor to startups. Ellis attended the University of California, Davis (1989-1994), New York University (1998) for a Strategic Management course, and Harvard University (2007) for a five-month course in Advertising and Buyer Behavior. Ellis acknowledges that his mission is to help startups enjoy “the revered unicorn status” as discussed in the contents of his book, Hacking Growth.

Morgan Brown is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Inman News as well as the co-founder of Growth Hackers with Sean Ellis. He is a renowned veteran in the field of start-up marketing with more than fifteen years helping companies in the nascent stage to breakout and experience amazing growth. Morgan has a passion to help companies use digital marketing and business methodologies to transform from little known entities to powerhouses that are forced to be reckoned with. He grew up in Connecticut and attended the University of California at Santa Barbara where he graduated with a degree in Zoology. He first worked at a startup in 1999 at Morgan is married to Erika and has two children-Audrey Grace (9) and Banks (10).
book summary - Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis

Hacking Growth

Book Summary

15 min
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