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Go Put Your Strengths to Work Book Summary

Book Summary

By Marcus Buckingham

15 min


"Go Put Your Strengths to Work" is a book written by Marcus Buckingham. It focuses on helping individuals identify and leverage their strengths to achieve greater success and fulfillment in their careers. Buckingham argues that traditional approaches to personal development often focus on fixing weaknesses, which can lead to frustration and limited growth. Instead, he advocates for a strengths-based approach, encouraging readers to identify their unique talents and capabilities and align their work and goals accordingly. The book provides practical strategies and tools for assessing and maximizing individual strengths, allowing readers to increase their productivity, engagement, and overall satisfaction in the workplace. By capitalizing on their strengths, individuals can unlock their true potential and create a more fulfilling and successful career path.

About the Author

Marcus Buckingham is a best-selling author and an internationally renowned consultant. A graduate of Cambridge University, he has worked with numerous multinational corporations including Toyota and Disney. 

Buckingham has authored and co-authored five best-selling books which have sold more than 3 million copies. As a keynote speaker, Buckingham has addressed more than 250,000 people around the world. His workshops are highly successful and his workshop for talented women has been downloaded more than a million times.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Buckingham now lives in Los Angeles. 
book summary - Go Put Your Strengths to Work by Marcus Buckingham

Go Put Your Strengths to Work

Book Summary

15 min
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