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Four Thousand Weeks Book Summary

Book Summary

By Oliver Burkeman

15 min
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Time is one of the most important resources we have. And like other resources, time eventually runs out. The clock is always ticking and there is always something we can do and should be doing. Because of this, many people overthink about how they can manage their time most effectively and efficiently. However, by doing this, many are left tired, stressed, and unhappy with their lives.

In Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman, we learn how to manage our time without feeling stressed and tired. The book will teach us how to effectively spend our time without feeling rushed and hampered by a world that constantly keeps track of it. He teaches us the art of accepting that time will tick away and being okay with it. By basing on various works by classic and modern philosophers, writers, and thinkers, Oliver Burkeman shows his readers the path towards living a fulfilled life while acknowledging its limitations.

About the Author

Oliver Burkeman is a well known author of self-help books such which focus on living a happier and fulfilled life. He was also a columnist for The Guardian from 2006 to 2020. Currently, he writes and publishes twice every month a newsletter called The Imperfectionist. He previously won the Foreign Press Association’s Young Journalist Award and was also shortlisted for the Orwell Prize.
book summary - Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman

Four Thousand Weeks

Book Summary

15 min
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