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Five Stars Book Summary

Book Summary

By Carmine Gallo

15 min


Great communication is essential for success, and the key to great communication is great storytelling. From interviews to company origin’s, stories are the best method for communicating the merit of your ideas.

When communicating, speakers will have the most effective impact on their audience by keeping their language simple and direct, identifying one clear goal, and adding in visual imagery when possible.

About the Author

Carmine Gallo is an executive coach, keynote speaker, and author of international bestsellers like The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, and Talk Like TED. He is a columnist for,, and the Harvard Business Review.

Gallo teaches and serves as a program leader in the office of executive education at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. He is also the founder of the Gallo Communications Group and the Carmine Gallo Academy.

Gallo lives in Pleasanton, California with his wife, Vanessa Gallo, and two children. 
book summary - Five Stars by Carmine Gallo

Five Stars

Book Summary

15 min
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