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Fierce Conversations Book Summary

Book Summary

By Susan Scott

15 min
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Being a fierce conversationalist improves all of the relationships around you. Understand that conversations are the foundation of relationships. You practice saying what you really mean and filling in the blind spots in your world view. You can start building this stronger picture of reality by treating every conversation like it’s important. Making the most of each conversation involves listening carefully, asking probing questions and going with your gut instinct. Try and have every conversation in person, if possible. Say “and” instead of “but” when working through a problem with another person. Try and get to the root of the problem when using a conversation to address an issue. 

About the Author

Susan Scott runs the consulting practice Fierce Conversations Inc. She founded Fierce in 2001 after 10,000 hours of conversations with executives and CEO think tanks. Fierce Inc. is committed to corporate, individual, and large-scale transformation models through principles of better conversation. It emphasizes creating authentic and rewarding connections with employees and customers. She is two-time best-selling author of Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership. 
book summary - Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

Fierce Conversations

Book Summary

15 min
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