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Everyday Millionaires Book Summary

Book Summary

By Chris Hogan

15 min
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"Everyday Millionaires" by Chris Hogan reveals that anyone can achieve millionaire status through intentional financial choices. The book dispels misconceptions about wealth and highlights the habits and attitudes that contribute to financial success. By emphasizing saving, investing, and living within means, Hogan inspires readers to pursue long-term wealth and provides practical strategies for financial independence.

About the Author

Chris Hogan is a best-selling author, personal finance expert, and an expert on retirement, investment, and building wealth. His focus is to help families. businesses, professional athletes, and entertainers with their financial future. His book Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age; It’s a Financial number is a best seller. The Chris Hogan Show is one of the most popular shows. He is a contributor to the EntreLeadership Podcast about business and leadership.
book summary - Everyday Millionaires by Chris Hogan

Everyday Millionaires

Book Summary

15 min
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