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Essentialism Book Summary

Book Summary

By Greg McKeown

15 min
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"Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" is a book written by Greg McKeown. It advocates for a mindset and approach that focuses on identifying and pursuing what truly matters. The book emphasizes the importance of prioritization, saying "no" to non-essential tasks, and investing time and energy into activities that align with one's highest priorities. McKeown encourages readers to eliminate distractions, simplify their lives, and make deliberate choices that lead to greater clarity, effectiveness, and fulfillment. By embracing essentialism, individuals can maximize their impact and achieve greater success by doing less but better.

About the Author

Greg McKeown is an author, public speaker, leadership and business strategist, and New York Times, bestselling author. He has been inducted into the Forum of Young Global Leaders. He graduated from Stanford with an M.B.A and studied communications and journalism at Brigham Young University. He is the founder and CEO of McKeown,Inc, focused on leadership and strategy. He has written for the Harvard Business Review and LinkedIn’s Influencer’s Group.

He speaks on how to live and lead as an Essentialist. He interviewed Al Gore at the Annual Conference of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. He has been interviewed on television and radio shows including NPR’s All Things Considered and NBC. He lives with his wife, Anna, and their four children.
book summary - Essentialism by Greg McKeown


Book Summary

15 min
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