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Eight Dates Book Summary

Book Summary

By Dr. John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman

15 min


On these eight dates, you will slowly learn more and more about the most important features of your relationship and as two parts of a couple. The purpose is to find yourself on the same page and understand how to continue growing and evolving in the most efficient and understanding way. Start with trust and commitment and work your way through conflict, sex, money, family, growth, spirituality, and dreams. On each date, be curious and open minded and come prepared with questions and explanations. Make these dates a chance to brave and venture outside of your comfort zone, divulging your greatest fears, weaknesses, and hopes— there is no use hiding any parts of yourself on these dates. If you put in the effort now, your relationship will thank you. 

About the Author

Dr. John Gottman is a psychological researcher of stability and divorce prediction. He has conducted 40 years of research on thousands of couples. He is one of the top 10 most influential therapists of the past quarter-century according to Psychotherapy Networker and the author of over 200 published academic articles and more than 40 books. He is Professor Emiritus of Psychology at the University of Washington where he founded the “Love Lab”

Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman is the co-founder of Affective Software Inc. is the Executive Director of the Relationship Research Institute. She is a highly respected clinical psychologist and an expert advisor on marriage, sexual harassment and rape, domestic violence, gay and lesbian adoption, same-sex marriage, and parenting issues. She creates The Art of Science of Love weekend workshops for couples. She has a private practice in the Seattle area.
book summary - Eight Dates by Dr. John Gottman and  Julie Schwartz Gottman

Eight Dates

Book Summary

15 min
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