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Do What You Are Book Summary

Book Summary

By Paul D. Tieger

15 min
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"Do What You Are" by Paul Tieger helps readers understand their personality type and use that knowledge to make informed career choices, leading to greater satisfaction and success. The book explores the sixteen MBTI personality types, offering insights into strengths, weaknesses, and work preferences. It provides practical advice on leveraging strengths, overcoming challenges, and finding fulfilling career paths that align with one's personality type.

About the Author

Paul D. Tieger is an expert in Personality Types. He is the Founder and first Director of The New England Type Institute. Mr. Tieger has trained thousands of managers, team leaders, HR professionals, career consultants, psychologists, attorneys, and educators in his career.
book summary - Do What You Are by Paul D. Tieger

Do What You Are

Book Summary

15 min
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