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Come As You Are Book Summary

Book Summary

By Dr. Emily Nagoski

15 min


Chances are, we would all like to be having more sex. No matter how much sex you are actually having, you are programmed to crave it and seek it out, BUT, unlike your biological drive for food, your body can still survive without erotic release.

If you do have the opportunity to engage in sex, though, the realities of it are far more complex than a simple matter of penetration and climax. Through an understanding of your body’s anatomy, response to arousal, and the variation and contextual attributes of erotic experiences, you have the ability to elevate your sex life.

Self-confidence and an awareness of both your body and your partner’s are key--don’t let media representations of ‘ideal sex practices’ stand in your way!

About the Author

Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., began her career in sexual education in 1995 when she became a peer health educator at the University of Delaware, tasked with teaching undergraduate students about stress and sex. 

In the years that followed, Dr. Nagoski earned a Ph.D. in Health Behavior with a concentration in human sexuality. Throughout her academic tenure, Dr. Nagoski served as the Director of Wellness Education at Smith College as well as teaching several classes on human sexuality, relationships, stress management, and communication.

Currently, Dr. Nagoski is on the road. She travels, writes, and speaks full-time in an effort to train professionals, college students, and humanity in general about the science and art of sexual well-being.
book summary - Come As You Are by Dr. Emily Nagoski

Come As You Are

Book Summary

15 min
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