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Cobalt Red Book Summary

Book Summary

By Siddharth Kara

15 min
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Cobalt Red is a 2022 non-fiction book by Siddharth Kara that investigates the human rights abuses behind the mining of cobalt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kara travels to the DRC to meet with cobalt miners and their families, and to learn about the conditions in which they work. He also interviews experts on the cobalt trade, and on the role of multinational corporations in the DRC.

Kara's findings are shocking. He reveals that children as young as seven are working in cobalt mines, often in dangerous and unhealthy conditions. He also finds that miners are paid very little, and that they are often exposed to toxic chemicals. Kara argues that the cobalt trade is built on exploitation and abuse, and that it is time for the world to take action to protect the people who are mining the cobalt that powers our phones and other electronic devices.

Cobalt Red is a powerful and important book. It is a must-read for anyone who is concerned about the human rights abuses that are taking place in the DRC, and for anyone who wants to learn more about the dark side of the cobalt trade.

About the Author

Siddharth Kara is an author, activist, and leading expert on modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Born in India and raised in the United States, Kara has spent nearly two decades researching and documenting the global scourge of forced labor and exploitation.

Kara's interest in the issue of human trafficking began in the early 1990s, when he worked as a financial analyst in the technology industry. He witnessed the exploitation of immigrant workers in Silicon Valley and became interested in the broader issue of forced labor and modern-day slavery. In 2000, he left his job in finance to pursue a career in researching and combating human trafficking.

Kara's work has taken him around the world, where he has conducted extensive field research on human trafficking and forced labor in a wide range of industries, including mining, agriculture, construction, and domestic work. He has written several books on the topic, including "Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery" and "Modern Slavery: A Global Perspective".

Kara is also an advocate for social justice and has worked with governments, NGOs, and businesses to develop policies and practices that promote ethical and sustainable supply chains. He is a frequent speaker on the issue of human trafficking and has advised numerous organizations, including the United Nations, the US government, and major corporations.

Overall, Siddharth Kara is a respected expert on modern-day slavery and forced labor, with a passion for using his research and advocacy to create a more just and equitable world. His work has shed light on the exploitation of vulnerable communities in industries around the world and has helped to shape policies and practices that promote social justice and human rights.
book summary - Cobalt Red by Siddharth Kara

Cobalt Red

Book Summary

15 min
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