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Built to Last Book Summary

Book Summary

By Jim Collins

15 min


Studying visionary companies who have endured lasting success is a chance to learn from their ability to succeed and continually grow.

In order to achieve success, visionary companies create core values for themselves that they stay true to, even as they pursue new goals. However, it is not just about values, it is also an ideology that includes its purpose as a company, which is simply the reason the business exists.

Visionary companies do not just exist for profit, but by continuing to grow while staying true to their ideologies, they will ultimately find a way to make money.

These companies are all about creating big goals, stimulating growth, and developing strong leaders who are able to take on leadership roles as needed.

About the Author

Jim Collins is an American author, consultant, and lecturer on the subject of business management and company sustainability and growth. He graduated from Stanford University with both a Bachelors’s and an MBA. He worked at McKinsey & Company as well as a product manager for Hewlett-Packard. He founded a management laboratory in Colorado, where he conducts researches and teaches business executives and social leaders. He worked as a senior executive at CNN international and also with social sector organizations such as the John Hopkins School of Medicine. He writes for the Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Fortune, and other publications.
book summary - Built to Last by Jim Collins

Built to Last

Book Summary

15 min
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