A Mind for Sales

Book Summary

By Mark Hunter CSP

10 min


Being a good salesperson isn’t just a job - it’s a lifestyle and a mindset. Cultivating a mind for sales means focusing on positivity, and embodying the traits of a successful salesperson. Hunter explains the mindset of a top salesperson, and how to cultivate it in your own life. He encourages salespeople to be customer-centered, grateful, and positive. With the right mindset, success in sales is guaranteed. 

About the Author

Mark Hunter founded the sales conference OutBound, and is a well-known author, speaker, and business consultant. He has written two other books: High-Profit Selling and High-Profit Prospecting. He travels the world to speak about business and offers daily tips on his blog. 
book summary - A Mind for Sales by Mark Hunter CSP

A Mind for Sales

Book Summary

10 min
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