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The Lean Startup Book Summary

Book Summary

By Eric Ries

15 min
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A startup cannot be managed the same way as a company that is already established. It can’t refer to the past to find success in the future, so the best way to gain customers and revenue is to use a scientific approach. Build and test products as quickly as is feasible, experiment and learn as you go, then use what you learn to change course when it is necessary. Flexibility is key, as is the desire to learn and improve.

About the Author

Eric Ries is an American entrepreneur, author, and blogger. He attended Yale University and has founded multiple startup companies in addition to working in an advisory capacity for other startups, large businesses such as GE, and venture capital firms. He has held the position of entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard’s Business School, Pivotal, and IDEO and is the CEO and founder of the Long-Term Stock Exchange. 

Since The Lean Startup was published in 2011, Ries’ idea of a lean startup has spread around the globe, leading his book to the bestseller list. His strategy is used by both big companies and individuals starting their own businesses.

Ries and his wife live in San Francisco with their two children. 
book summary - The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup

Book Summary

15 min
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