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Hold Me Tight Book Summary

Book Summary

By Dr. Sue Johnson EdD

15 min


While no one can claim to have all the answers to the multi-faceted conundrum that is human relationships, a few key strategies for success can help couples navigate their emotional path in a healthy and productive way. Through avoiding blame, addressing trauma, and displaying vulnerability, long-term couples can recapture the connection they felt at the beginning, when romance was fresh and new. And for couples who already feel that their relationship is on solid ground, there is always room for improvement in these key areas.

About the Author

Dr. Sue Johnson, author of Hold Me Tight, was born in 1947 in the United Kingdom. A Canadian psychologist, author, and couples therapist, Dr. Johnson is best known for her work with bonding, romantic relationships, and attachment. Her focus has been on a concept called emotionally focused therapy. Dr. Johnson has written several books on this subject including, Attachment Theory in Practice (2018), Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy with Trauma Survivors (2002), and Created for Connection (2016).

Dr. Johnson, an avid fan of both Argentine tango and kayaking, currently resides in British Columbia with her husband.
book summary - Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson EdD

Hold Me Tight

Book Summary

15 min
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