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Sumizeit is on track to become the next unicorn

Posted on 1/19/2023, 9:27:07 AM

Sumizeit is a new book summary startup that was founded last year by a Harvard University graduate. The goal was to make an app that empowers everyone to expand their knowledge and reach their full potential by giving them access to key insights from top-performing business, tech, and finance leaders. Even better, the Sumizeit app offers all of these insights in summaries that take just ten minutes a day to read. 

Startups have been taking the world by storm since 1995, when the internet really began to take off and the first online startup companies, like Amazon and eBay, launched in Silicon Valley. The internet boom marked the beginning of the so-called “startup era,” and the tech industry exploded as hundreds of entrepreneurs sought to answer the world’s problems with technology.

These days, hundreds of thousands of people across the country work in a startup environment. There are many startups out there, but not all of them are created equal. Only a few ever reach a valuation of over a billion USD. The companies that do are called unicorns. And Sumizeit could just very well be the next candidate to reach that coveted unicorn status.

Actors have the Oscars, scientists have the Nobel Prize, and startups have the unicorns status. The term “unicorn” was first coined in 2013 by Aileen Lee, a venture capitalist and founder of Cowboy Ventures, precisely because they are such a rare occurrence. 

In fact, there are only around 300 companies worldwide that have reached the designation of a unicorn. And based on a survey by venture capitalists and investors, Sumizeit is on track to be the next unicorn, on the course to join the likes of such companies as SpaceX, Airbnb, and Lyft.

The Sumizeit app has over 1,000 nonfiction books in the library, with both text and audio versions for on the go learning. And with each summary taking only around ten minutes to read, it gives you 90 percent of the important content in less than 10 percent of the time. 

Many books are full of fluff, unimportant details, and meandering descriptions that take up time, but don’t get to the meat of the content. Sumizeit’s summaries cut out all the noise and get right to the key insights and core concepts that will expand your knowledge and improve your life. With Sumizeit, you can get access to the largest knowledge app in bite-size portions, and for a fraction of the cost of buying the books.

Sumizeit’s nonfiction summaries cover a wide variety of topics, including finance, business, and self-help. The app even has new releases, and new books are added to the app library weekly. The summaries are clear, easily digestible, and available anywhere it is convenient for you to begin learning, from your commute to your office to the comfort of your own home.

It just takes 10 minutes to understand books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Riyosaki, Atomic Habits by James Clear, or Unfuck Yourself by Gary John Bishop. 

With Sumizeit, you’ll have access to Robert Riyosaki’s best selling personal finance memoir, in which he reveals the best financial wisdom that rich people pass on to their children, but which isn’t often taught to lower-income children. Schools don’t adequately prepare young people to build wealth, so financial advice must be taught in the home. However, most young children are not privy to the wealth-building tools and financial intelligence tips that rich children grow up learning. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad walks you through valuable financial tips, like the importance of writing lists of specific financial goals to keep your motivation for wanting to achieve financial health in the forefront of your mind. Kiyosaki also addresses the common personality flaws that hold people back, like arrogance, greed, and laziness, which prevent many people from pursuing the financial opportunities that are necessary to grow your wealth. Once people begin accumulating money, they tend to want to spend it on showy status symbols, which drain their wealth and add little real value to our lives, rather than putting their money back into investments and assets, which helps accumulate wealth over time. Fear of taking risks, which are an essential component of growing your wealth, is another common factor that holds people back from achieving financial success. Rich parents also understand the importance of investing in continuing education, which is an even more important investment than a salary or job position in the long term. Their advice sets their children up for financial success for the rest of their life, and it can help you, too.

In Atomic Habits, you’ll be able to learn scientifically proven ways to change your habits so they serve your long term goals. James Clear believes that most habits are formed at an atomic level, and they have a remarkable effect on our lives. But all too often, it is easy to form negative habits. They might not seem like a big deal in the short term, but they can hold us back and prevent us from making progress in a positive direction. 

To build good habits, think of them as a part of your identity, rather than as goal-based actions. 

To begin with, it is necessary to acknowledge existing bad habits and work towards automating new, positive ones that take their place. To do this, it is helpful to be mindful of environmental triggers that can lead you to give in to bad habits. You can then make environment and lifestyle adjustments so that good habits are attractive and easy to perform while implementing barriers that make bad habits harder to succumb to. New habits should closely correspond to your unique personality, interests, and current ability level. By embracing positive habits that better serve your life, you can change your future. 

Gary John Bishop’s Unfuck Yourself offers related wisdom on how to take control of your negative thought patterns and revolutionize your life. Recurring destructive thoughts can take over your mind, and they can really hold back your life without you even being fully conscious they are happening. Because these negative thought processes most often happen in your subconscious, it can be a difficult pattern to break. Unfuck Yourself offers advice on how to get out of your own head and rebuild the foundation of your thoughts by making positive, decisive choices that disrupt these negative thought patterns. 

Bishop explains how positive thoughts and self-talk can lead to success and happiness. To turn positive thoughts into tangible improvements, you must set realistic goals that you are willing to work towards and break them into manageable steps. The key to success is taking action, facing problems one at a time in order to keep perspective and be flexible enough to adjust prior expectations and be prepared to change course if necessary. It is essential to embrace uncertainty and be willing to take risks, but take the time to assess them first so you are prepared,

You can obtain all these wisdom, tips, and key insights - and more - by spending just ten minutes of your day with the Sumizeit app. With the amount of knowledge Sumizeit offers, it makes sense that investors are recognizing its value and keeping tabs on its potential growth into a unicorn status. But the app’s success wasn’t always assured.

Even just one short year ago, Sumizeit’s future looked very different. It was a freshly founded startup, and it had a hard time attracting investors initially. The founding team met with over 30 investors when the company began, but no one was willing to give the app a chance. 

However, the team believed in the idea. Rather than giving up, the founding team decided to bootstrap the company. Relying only on their personal savings, the founding team built the company from the ground up. With no other cash than what they had on hand and their very early sales, the team launched Sumizeit. The results were stunning. In just one year, the team was able to go from taking funding from their personal savings to generating almost 50,000 dollars in revenue.

Most people would agree the founders’ gamble was worth it. Today, the picture has changed and investors have done a complete 180. Rather than looking for people to fund the project, investors are now calling Sumizeit and asking for the opportunity to invest in the growing business.

The turnaround has been incredible. On average, each new book that is published takes 37 minutes post publishing to return the cost of the production. Today, there are thousands of book summaries that span 18 different categories. The most popular categories with users are Management & Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Money & Investments, Psychology, and Health and Nutrition. Per month, about 40 new titles are added by a team of 20 experts. Sumizeit’s audio summaries, the ability to create playlists of audio summaries to listen to while driving, and the option to send the text summaries to your kindle, are features that are especially popular with users.

If you also want to join the knowledge revolution, you can download the iPhone or Android app for free. The first three summaries are always on the house. 

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