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Productivity Just Got Easier With These Simple Tips

Posted on 1/19/2023, 9:27:07 AM

The modern-day world is full of distractions that diminish an individual’s productivity level. Whether you have the luxury of an at-home office or commute to work every day, distractions are present destroying your potential and growth. A study conducted by CareerBuilder, a site that aids in job search and career development, concluded that 75% of the employees that were surveyed said that two or more hours were wasted by workplace distractions throughout the day. 

This number seems shockingly high when you consider the distractions that interfere with workplace productivity such as emails, socializing, smartphones, the internet, social media, gossip, smoking and snack breaks, meetings, and a noisy work environment. None of these distractions, by itself, seem like a big deal. Each one takes between 5-10 minutes on average. However, if you’re experiencing more than one of these distractions daily and some are happening multiple times a day, the time wasted really adds up.

So, how do you combat these distractions and get the most out of your workday?

Write Everything Down

Did you know that the average person can only hold four things in their mind at one time? That’s why when workplace chaos disrupts your flow, it’s easy to forget the details of your current tasks. To make a quick recovery, we recommend writing everything down. A structured to-do list not only helps you to keep track of all that you need to accomplish, but it also keeps you focused. 

Time management expert, David Allen, author of “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” believes that any person who has a full schedule without a system and structure will struggle to cope, which will indefinitely harm their productivity. A to-do list, which is easily achievable, broken up into small tasks, rather than big daunting projects, is an ideal system for all struggling with getting things done

Put Away Your Phone

Phones are a necessity in this day in age, however, they can be a productivity killer if you constantly find yourself glued to your screen. Being disciplined with your social media addiction during the workday is key to accomplishing tasks. Luckily, many smartphones have ‘do not disturb’ settings that will prevent your phone from lighting up on your desk with every Instagram ‘like’ or Twitter notification. And, if you’re worried about missing an important text or call, you can easily add important contact to your ‘favorites,’ so that they will be able to contact you even when your phone is on ‘do not disturb.’

There are also apps that will block social media for you so that you can get more done. Some of the most popular choices are ColdTurkey, Offtime, Moment, Freedom, and SelfControl. 

Batch Process

Batch processing is the practice of grouping similar tasks together, in order to save time and increase productivity. Batch processing aids in streamlining the completion of your tasks. For example, if you need to send out emails, make calls, send invoices, and input data, do all these little tasks all together during a predetermined time block so that they do not interrupt your bigger tasks throughout the day. 

Studies show that multi-tasking kills 40% of a person’s productivity. By implementing batch processing into your life, you are eliminating these common multi-task distractions that interrupt workflow and prevent you from getting bigger tasks completed. 

Make Time For A Break

During your workday, it’s important to take breaks. Although breaks are listed as a popular workplace distraction, they are necessary to refresh your mind throughout the day. Breaks should be time-blocked into your schedule. It’s essential to keep a stress-free and clear head if you want to be productive. 

Through a study tracking work habits, done by the Draugiem Group, researchers concluded that the average workflow is 52 minutes of work followed by 17 minutes of break time. This may seem like too much downtime, but the study found that the workers that took frequent breaks were all in all more productive than their teammates. 

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