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Sumizeit Weekly - Book Recommendations

Posted on 1/19/2023, 9:27:07 AM

By nature, humans are nosy creatures. We always want to know the scoop on an individual’s drama, success, and personal lives. We can’t help that we are curious!

And that’s why we are a huge fan of memoirs, autobiographies, and biographies here at Sumizeit. It’s always interesting to hear stories of other people’s lives. Especially people who have made huge differences in the world of business, music, sports, or charity. 

The invaluable knowledge gained from non-fiction memoirs and biographies will give you the tools you need in order to succeed in your own endeavors. These wisdom-packed reads feature the highs, lows, and in-betweens of the lives of influencers. And by applying the helpful tips from the authors to your life, you can become a success story, just like them.

Check out this week’s editorial picks featuring some of our favorite memoirs and biographies:

“10% Happier” by. Dan Harris 

Dan Harris discusses how striving for success and material things aren’t the only roads to happiness. Check out his straight-forward approach to meditation and mindfulness.

“Can’t Hurt Me” by. David Goggins

Goggin’s military training helped him to realize that making excuses will not help you reach your dreams. This insight will teach you to visualize success, overcome your fears, and stick to a schedule.

“The Man Who Solved the Market” by. Gregory Zuckerman

Follow the life of Jim Simons and learn how he went from mini-mathematician to code-breaker, to owning a hedge fund, to ultimately changing the global financial market forever. 

“Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” by. Lori Gottlieb

Author Lori Gottlieb shares with us the deepest parts of her personal life and career as a therapist. Find out what can happen when you begin to uncover revelations through thought and discussion.


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